Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Spirit of Australia

The Spirit of Australia

I am the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended

I’m the sunburnt country and the flooded plains

I’m the Barcoo and the Darling, I’m the Yarra and the Swan

I’m the muddy Murrumbidgee after rain.

I’m the sugar cane, the sack of wheat, I’ve made this country rich

From the Golden Fleece that rides upon my back

I’m on the stockroute back of Bourke, on the station way out west

I’m the six lane highway, I’m the desert track.

I’m the Indian Pacific, the Sunlander, the Ghan

I bind with steel the land beneath my rails

I’m the flying kangaroo, my long reach across the land

I’m all that drives and flies and steams and sails.

I’ve carried Banjo’s stockman, and Lawson’s rouseabout

I’m every horse that Gordon ever rode

I’m the colt from old Regret, I’m the packhorse and the dray

I’m the brumby bush horse from the Overflow.

I’m Lalor at the Stockade, I’m the Breaker on the veldt

I’m Simpson with his donkey at Lone Pine

I’m Tobruk, I’m Crete, I’m Long Tan, I’m the Sydney’s blazing guns

I’m the slave upon the railway on the Kwai.

I’m Dad and Dave, and - strike me lucky - I’m the Sentimental Bloke

I’m the man from where the Snowy River flows

I’m the slicker from the city, I’m the bastard from the bush

I’m Matilda waltzing down a country road.

I’m Brabham and I’m Bradman, I’m a girl called Goolagong

I’m the big red horse they killed in foreign lands

I’m Darcy in the ring and I’m Dally on the wing

And I’m Dougie lofting at the Members Stand.

I am Albert Namitjira, I am his canvas painted bright

I see this land through ageless open eyes

I’m the dreamtime, I’m the dawning, I’m older than the night

I am Uluru beneath the southern skies.

You can find me where the mountains tumble down against the sea

Where the wide brown land turns rich from flooding rain

Where the rivers of the inland flow proud beneath the sky

Where the west wind ripples through the golden grain.

From the mighty Southern Ocean to the jungles of the Gulf

From Byron to where Hartog nailed his plate

From Kosciuscko to the Cooper, from Sydney to the bush

I am everything that made this country great.

I’m the Spirit of Australia, I’m the soul of this great land

I’m what rides within and makes us what we are

I am you and me and all of us, I am tomorrow and today

I am the Spirit of the land. I am Australia.

Graeme Philipson, 1995


Sapna Anu B.George said...

The spirit of Australia .....Great to meet you in this world of blog.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop staring at your beautiful page header.

I'd love to visit Australia. My Aunt Jessica lived there. I wish I had visited with her!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

very nice poem!
greetings from Scandinavia,
sarah sofia

GreenSmile said...

compares well to city of new orleans...its a got a lot to celbrate.

I'll have one of whatever Philopson is drinking.